Sorin Voicu is a multidisciplinary creative consultant and digital artist. After his formal studies in architecture & computer graphics at the university of Rome, he specialized in motion design for corporate industries, film and advertising.

Sorin’s award winning portfolio has been featured in multiple design publications, and he has shared his expertise in professional workshops across Italy and Spain. He has hands-on experience in advertising, film and digital post-production across Europe and the US, and has on-set experience as VFX supervisor during live action shoots and lead for graphic VFX design teams.

A sci-fi geek at heart, Sorin wants to tell inspiring stories through images. His work is often inspired by his obsession with technology and the way it does, and will continue to, change our world.
Motion Graphics in Branding, Sendpoints Publishing Co - November 16, 2015 - featured projects: "IBM | Internet of Things" &
"Telit | Internet of Things"
Video-Grafica. Nuove frontiere della comunicazione digitale, Matteo Clemente - Rome, February 2012 - featured project: "Augmented Reality | The future of Education"
Presentation Strategies & Dialogues, Christina M. Scalise - New York, September 2012 - featured project: "Augmented Reality | The Future of Education"
David di Donatello 'Best Visual Effects' - Italy, April 2016 - 'Tale of Tales | Feature Film VFX' - more info >
AVA Digital Awards 'Platinum Winner' - February 2015 - 'IBM | Engines of Progress' more info >
Motion Graphics Served - 'Telit | Internet of Things' - more info >
Innovative Communication Award - 'Augmented Reality | The Future of Education' - 18 June 2010 - more info >
Media Business School - VFX Pipeline Class - 06 July 2012, Ronda, Spain - Instructor more info >
Teaching and Learning in 2020 - Augmented Reality Workshop - 13 March 2012, Empoli, Italy - guest speaker more info >
Media Business School -VFX Pipeline Class - 05 July 2011, Ronda, Spain - Instructor more info >
Architecture & Cinema - VFX Matchmoving Workshop - 16 March 2011, Rome, Italy - guest speaker more info >
3D Day - VFX Matchmoving Workshop - 26 February 2011, Rome, Italy - guest speaker more info >
Roma Design Più - VFX Matchmoving Workshop - 03 February 2011, Rome, Italy - guest speaker more info >
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