KAIA | King Abdulaziz International Airport

Architectural Visualization Film

This video is an architectural visualization commissioned by the new International Airport of Jeddah. Construction had just begun on this airport at the time – the goal was to create a video that demonstrated the incredible final structure which is one of the most innovative airports in the world in terms of its design and building techniques. This project was developed in collaboration with the team at Vision-Digital and Direct2Brain based in Rome, and produced by Cow and Boys.

I used my background in architecture for modelling some of the architectural environments. I enjoy integrating and pulling from my experience in multiple facets of computer graphics, and as the project progressed I was able to combine my skills in making animatics, preparing scene layouts, 3D crowd duplication and matchmoving of live footage.

Role: Arch Viz / Vfx Artist

Client: King Abdulaziz International Airport
Studio: Vision Digital
Production: Cow and Boys

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